Risperdal Lawsuit

Risperdal Lawsuit

Risperdal Gynecomstia Lawsuits

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What is Risperdal?

Risperdal is an atypical antipsychotic (AAP) also known as a second generation antipsychotic (SGA) medication used to treat adolescents and adults with psychiatric conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and irritability in people with autism. Risperdal works by blocking serotonin and dopamine receptors in the brain. Risperdal was thought to have lower risks of side effects than first generation antipsychotic (FGA) medications. With over 12 million U.S. prescriptions filled each year, Risperdal is among the most prescribed psychiatric medications.

Manufactured by Johnson & Johnson (New Brunswick, NJ) subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals (Titusville, NJ), Risperdal (generic risperidone available as of 2008) first was approved by the FDA in late 1993 to treat schizophrenia in adults. In 2007, the FDA approved Risperdal as the only drug for treatment of schizophrenia in youths ages 13-17 and also to treat bipolar disorder in children and adolescents ages 10-17. For short-term treatment of mixed and manic states of bipolar disorder, Riperdal was approved by the FDA in 2003 and for irritability in autistic children and adolescents in 2006. The generic form has been available since 2008. It has been prescribed for the treatment of ADHD, even though this usage has not been approved by the FDA.

Risperdal Linked to Gynecomatstia — Male Breast Growth

Reports of Risperdal male breast growth side effects in boys and young men began to surface in 2001. The FDA did not approve use of Risperdal in children until 2006.

The condition, known as gynecomastia, is the abnormal growing of breast tissue in males. Studies indicate this condition is caused by the stimulation of the pituitary gland which in turn releases the hormone prolactin commonly found in pregnant and nursing women. Research has indicated that the high prolactin levels in males may persist for two years. Symptoms may include swelling and tenderness of the breast tissue, pain, tenderness, and discharge from one or both breasts. An increase of the diameter of the areola and asymmetrical chest tissue are warning signs of gynecomastia.

Due to the prolactin levels persisting, Gynecomastia typically will not go away by simply discontinuing use of Risperdal. Treatment may require surgery, either liposuction or mastectomy. Liposuction is the surgical removal of breast fat while mastectomy is surgery to remove the breast gland tissue. There is also evidence that development of gynecomatstia can be a cause of psychological distress in adolescent boys.

Risperdal Settlements

Johnson and Johnson started settling adolescent Risperdal claims in 2012. The terms of those settlements remain confidential. Several claims are continuing to work their way through the courts. Plaintiffs are alleging the Risperdal caused male breast growth and that Johnson & Johnson improperly marketed the drug for use in children before approval from the FDA.

In 2013, Johnson & Johnson settled a case with the Department of Justice and FDA for more the $2.2 billion. The company pled guilty to misdemeanor criminal charges for misbranding Risperdal for uses not approved by the FDA.

Do I Have a Risperdal Lawsuit?

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